Immaculate Mentality + Thinxx = Trickshot

Here is a little something myself and Thinxx had some fun coming up with a while back.

I thought it would be worth posting while we are still working on some new projects and a lot of new things coming.

I hope you guys enjoy the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our pages.


Immaculate Mentality

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J-Sec break necks video

Yo what up everybody!

I hope everyone has had a kick ass start to the weekend, as for me? I been working but that still wont stop me from doing my thing for you all, anyway apart from all of that let me tell you what’s cracking right now.
I was just chilling going through some of my stuff and received an email from a buddy of mine about some stuff to do with how to make a video quickly that looks pretty sick as well, so I went onto this site and found myself coming across a whole lot of options as to what I can do and I picked a concept and funnily enough I had a track that actually pertains to the video concept itself. *what are the odds?* hahahaha

I figured this was so cool that I would actually decide to share it with all of you.
only because we have one thing in common…… Hip-Hop!!!
and you guys are awesome.

well here it is, please click on the link below to see this really cool music video. I hope you all enjoy it and have a really dope weekend!


SA bedroom1

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Session Progression Series

Yo What up my fellow hip-hop lovers and supporters!
I take it that all is mostly good. Its been a minute and I thought I’d just drop something quick to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on. For those of you who don’t know, myself and Thinxx have been working of a series of beats which was initially just us messing around on the decks and drum-pad (Maschine Studio) and experimenting with new sounds,mixed scales, and basically anything random that we though would sound good as normal hip-hop or some kind of fusion. We have Thinxx on “the ones and twos” and myself on the beats.

Up until now we have only published 3 of the beats but we do have a few more coming and sounding better and better each time, some of the beats are also likely to be used in collaboration between Thinxx and I in the near future, so I urge you all to keep your ears to the ground and follow us where you can, trust when I say there is a whole lot more to come.

Hop you all Enjoy.
keep it Real.

Immaculate Mentality

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New Video: ThiNXx & Immaculate Mentality – Session Progression #3 “Minor Business”

Yo what up fellow heads!

I hope everyone is doing well yo, here is a little something I just thought I would post done by myself and ThiNXx.

hope you enjoy.
One love

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Welcome To Immaculate Mentality!

Yo everybody welcome to Immaculate Mentality’s Site

this site is still under construction but will be fully functional with music, pictures and videos in the next 1- 2 weeks. in the mean time all of you will know whats cutting with the latest scripts,Tracks,Concepts and a whole lot more Via Blog.

So i urge you guys to keep your eyes and ears open and keep on watching this space for new things to come, the site will keep on growing day by day so spread the word and keep up the support, it is much appreciated.


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